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Contract Pad Printing
Artwork Specifications
Awareness Clip
Awareness Stress Reliever
Baby Fever Strip
Bag Clip 4 inch
Bag Clip 6 Inch
Bag Clip House Shaped
Baseball Cap - 4-Color Process from asi/79922
Beanie Animal Stuffed
Bingo Shutter Cards
Bingo Daubers
Bookmark - Magnifier - Ruler
Bottle Opener Key Ring
Bottle Opener No 2
Bottle Opener no. 4 - with  LED light
Brochure Holder - Acrylic
Brochure Holder Cardboard
Brochure Holder Large
Bubbles 2 oz
Bumper Stickers
Carabineer Duo Pen red-black
Carabineer Highlighter Marker
Car Advertising Magnets
Car Charger Dual USB
Car Magnet Sign
Can Coolers
Carpenters Pencil
Catalog 8 Full Color
Cell Phone Car Charger Adapters with Case
Clock - Swivel Desktop
Coloring Book
Coloring Book Crayon Kit
computer brush
Computer Brush with Clock
Decals & Labels "New"
Decals Static clings
Decals Static clings Awareness Ribbon with logo
Dental Floss
Desk Caddy
Desk Clock - Pop up with alarm
Double Key Ring with Separator
Duffel Gym bag
Email a Friend
Emery Board
Cushion Emery Board 7 inch
Ear Buds with Case
Emery Board with Case
Emery Board With Mirror
Eyeglass Cleaner Cloth
Eyeglass Repair Kit
Fiber Optic Wands
Folding Hair Brush with Mirror
Glow - All Products
Glow Bottle Pin from asi/79922
Glow Circle from asi/79922
LED Wine Glass
Glow Bracelets
Glowing American Flag
Glow Glasses
Glow Heart from asi/79922
Glow Light Stick 4 inch
Glow Light Stick 6-inch
Glowing Logo Necklace
Glow Necklace
Glow Necklace Tri Color
Glow Patriotic Necklace
Glow Star Badge from asi/79922
Glow Stirrers 8-inch
Golf Brush
Golf Divot Tool
Hanes Tee Shirts from asi/79922
Wax Highlighters
Highlighter Set
Jello Injector
Key Ring Calendar
Key Ring CD Cleaner
Key Ring CD Opener
Key Ring Flashlight
Key Ring Triangle with 2 split rings
Key Ring Utility Knife
Key Ring with Multi rings &  LED Light.htm
Labels & Decals "New"
Labels - Made in USA
Lapel Pins - USA
LED Candles
LED Fiber Optic Wand
LED Flashing Yard Glass
LED Margarita Glass
LED Necklace
LED Retractable with Carabiner
LED Rectangle Key ring
LED Round Key chain
LED Wine Glass
Letter Opener
Letter Opener - Computer Brush
Letter Opener House Shaped
Light-Up Roses
Lint Brushes
Luggage Tag - Oval
Luggage Tag w/ Pen
Magnetic Clip - Sticky note or paper clips
Magnifier Credit Card
magnifier with pen.JPG
Magnetic Alligator Clip
Mouse Light Key Ring
Magnetic Clip - Pen and Memo Holder
Magnetic Memo Clip
Magnetic Clips Apple Shape
Magnetic Clip Heart Shaped
Magnetic Memo Clip - House
Magnetic Memo Clip - Phone
Magnetic Ruler
Magnetic Memo Clip Tee Shirt
Magnified Glass LED with Pen
Manicure Set - on Beaded Chain
Measuring Tape LED Key Chain
Measuring Tape 1
Measuring Tape with Key Ring
Measuring Tape Round
Measuring Tape House Shaped
Measuring Tape with Level
Measuring Tape (10 foot) with Wrist Strap
Memo Holder w/ Computer Brush
Mini Mint Card
Mirror - Round
Monitor Memo
Noise Maker Clapper
Note Clip Cobra Style
Notepad with Pen
Paper Clip Holder
Paper Clip Dispenser Square
Paper clip Spinner Dispenser
Pedicure Foot File
Pen and Pencil Set
Pen Holder Dart Game
Pencil Sharpener
Pens - Click style
Pen on a  Lanyard
Pencil Pinwheels
Pill Box Bandage holder
7 Day Pill Box Planner
Pill Cutter Key Ring
Pinwheel Glow Bracelet
Pocket Folders
Power Bank 2000 mAh
Foam Puzzle
Raffle Drums
Raffle Tickets
Ruler 6in Plastic
Ruler Magnifier with Pen
Ruler Magnifier Sticky Note Holder
Ruler - Paper Clip Sticky Note Desk Accessary
Screwdriver LED Flashlight
Screwdriver Level and LED light tool kit
Sewing Kit
Sewing Kit 4
Shopping Bag - Eco Friendly
Snake Puzzle
Snow Globe
Spiral Notepad with Pen 2
Stapler - Mini
Stapler - Standard Stand up with grip
Staple Remover
Staple Remover 3
Star Fiber Optic Wand
Sticky Tabs Letter Opener
Sticky Tabs Note Holder
Straws w/Imprinting
Stylist with Cleaner Cloth
Table Runner
6ft Tabletop Display
Travel Tumbler Acrylic
Tricky Disk Brain Game
LED Rectangle Whistle Key Ring
Round Waterproof Container
LED Whistle Key Ring
3 Tone Whistle Key Ring+

Contract Pad Printing


Tablecloth Runner

Pocket Folder

Pocket Folder
Full Color


Coloring Books


 Emery Boards


Bag Clip House Shaped

 Bag Clip

Pencil Carpenter Style

Brochure Holders

Brochure Holders

Brochure Holders
Large - Cardboard

Coloring Book Crayon Kit

Emery Cushion Boards



Letter Opener Computer Brush

LED Mouse Light
 Key Ring



Sewing |Kit

Sewing Kit 3
Threaded needles

Sewing Kit 4
w/ Mirror and Scissors

Stylist With Cleaner Cloth

Emery board with case


Bubbles 4 oz

Bubbles 2 oz

Tricky Disk


Bumper Stickers

Static Cling Decals

Car Magnets

Banners - Outdoor/Indoors


Light Sticks


Light Sticks

Glowing Patriotic Necklaces

Glow Necklaces


Glow Necklace
 Tri Color


Stirrers – 8-inch

LED Flashing Yard Glasses

Glowing Logo

Glow Pinwheels




Pencil Pinwheels

LED 7 color changing
Fiber wand

 LED Fiber Wand  Flashing



Light-Up Roses 19-inch

Lights up using two AA-Batteries, 
Has on/off switch. Comes in assorted colors.
Nice give-a-way for 'Ladies Night'


LED Wine Goblet

LED Margarita Glass



Drinking Straws


LED Logo

Bingo Daubers
Full Color



Bingo Slide Cards



LED Flickering Candle

Lint Brush

Monitor Memo

Triangle Key Ring


Ear Buds with Case

Power Bank

Utility Knife Key Chain


Assorted Stuffed Beanie Animals


Magnifier with
printed ruler



Tape Measurer 10' w/ belt clip and strap

Tape Measurer 10 ft

Notepad with Pen  

Spiral Notepad with Pen

Screw Driver Set
w/ LED Flashlight

Staple Remover

 Pen on a rope


Staple Remover 3

Round Mirror

Memo Clip Apple
Shaped Magnet

Memo Clip House
Shaped Magnet

Memo Clip Telephone Shaped Magnet

Memo Clip

Memo Clip Heart Shaped Magnet

Ruler Magnifier with Pen





Eco Friendly Shopping Tote Bag


Baby Fever Strips

Luggage Tag with pen

Mini Stapler

Alligator magnetic
memo clip

Magnetic Clip Pen and Note Holder


S I Z E S: AAA  AA  C~Cell  D~Cell  9~Volt

Screw Driver - LED light and Level


Double Key Ring with
Separator button


Bottle Opener Key Chain

LED Rectangle Key Ring

LED Round Key Ring

LED Whistle Key Ring Light

3 tone Keying Whistle



LED light with Retractable Carabineer

Pill Box 4 Compartments
with bandage holder

 Key Ring Calendar

Eyeglass Repair Kit
w/ Cleaner Cloth



Cancer Awareness Ribbon Decals and Static Clings

Awareness Stress

Awareness Memo Clip


USA Lapel Pins


Flip Calculator


Letter Opener House shaped

Memo Holder w/
Computer Brush

Ruler 6inch plastic


Magnetic Paper Clip Holder - Square

Paper Clip Holder (ROUND)
w/ 25 Clips

Paper Clip Holder w/ Magnetic Spinner
w/ 25 Clips

Carabineer felt highlighter marker

Tape Measurer - Round



House Key Ring Tape Measurer

Folding Hair Brush
w/ Mirror


Photo Snow Globe


Ruler Magnifier w/ Sticky Tabs



LED magnifier with pen

Pen Pencil Set

Key Ring with Multi rings & LED Light

Eyeglass cloth


6" Ruler with sticky notes and 10 paperclips

Mini Dental Floss


Pencil Sharpener

Magnetic Clip w/ sticky notes or paperclips


Plastic Ruler-Bookmark Magnifying Glass

Noise Maker Clapper

Cobra Note Holder

Dual Wall / Car Charger w/ Case

Dual Car Charger

Pencil Holder

Flashlight Key Ring
with batteries included

Standard Stand-up

Pop-up Alarm Clock
For Desk

CD Cleaner Key Ring

Highlighter Set

Wax Highlighter


Jumbo Clip Shirt Shape

Bag Clip 4"

Waterproof Container


Computer Brush With Clock

Pill Box 7 Day

Luggage Tag

Tape Measure 10 foot

Double Screw Driver

LED Tambourine

Ice Scraper

Broom & Dustpan

Brain Teaser Puzzle

Single or Double Raffle Tickets

 Raffle Drums

6' Tabletop Display

Duffel Gym Bag



Tape Measurer Mini
Key Ring

Oval Luggage Tag

Computer Brush

Pedicure Foot File


Emery Board with Mirror

Emery Board Key Ring

Can Coolie
Full Color

Snake Puzzle

Swivel Clock

Desk Cube

Key Ring CD Opener







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